Monday, March 14, 2011

My Mason :)

Oh my Mason, my sweet cuddeling baby boy! :) I sometimes feel bad because I am always talking about Adam and what he has done and I sometimes feel like I make it look like Adam is more important that Mason. Which is not true at all!!! Adam being the first is still doing all firsts, Mason is doing things Adam has already done. Which I am still sooo excited when Mason learns something new but I cannot explain it...its just different. But it makes me feel like I am one of those moms who plays favorites even tho I do not mean to at all! Which I do not have a favorite, they are both different boys with different personalities. I guess I feel like if I explain it out I will even understand it. lol But anyways Mason is and was my difficult baby. He didn't sleep the first month we had him at night, would not breastfeed, threw up all the time, was always fussy and so on. He slept on my chest for the first two weeks of his life. That was the only way it was happening, even tho we only slept for 2 hours at a time. I didn't like breastmilk, he threw it up after he got done everytime! So that lasted about a month. He wasn't a bad baby just made everything 10x's harder than it should be. When we switched him to baby food all he would eat was fruits and if we gave him something different he would gag and throw it up.Matt had just moved to night shift and we were in a new place Again so I was trying to take care of Adam and a new born which was not easy. But now that Mason is older he is soo much fun and the past is the past. He still is a very picky eater, only eggs, grilled cheese, fruit, firies and chicken. There are a few others but not many that he will eat. He is funny, smart and adorable. Saturday night Adam went to be before him so we let him stay up with us. It was just Matt, Mason and I no TV or anything. It was so much fun...he was sitting in Matts lap with his juice and just out of no where he said "Choo choo, Woo Woo!" And even did the arm motion for a train! It was the cutes thing ever!!!! And he was soo proud of his self! Then he made the sound of a Monkey! haha We both laughed so hard! I know Big Brother has been teaching him! :) But it just made me think of how far we have all come because this time 2 years ago Adam was this age and we were still learning the whole Parent thing! Mason is now a Mommas boy (which I LOVE) He will want to lay on my chest and stuck his thumb and just love on me. It makes me feel soo amazing! I love him soooo much. He can always make me laugh or smile all he has to do is look at me with those big brown eyes and smile and my heart melts! I am not sure what I did to get such an amazing baby but I sure am glad I have him! :)

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