Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Doesn't Get Better Than This....

Well life has been crazy! From everyday life to school to a new baby on the way! I wouldn't change any of it tho! :) I love having Craziness in my keeps me going! The next few months we are going to have so much going on! Mason's 2nd Birthday is coming up, planning on baby #3, School and Holidays. After about August it seems like life goes 90 to nothing. But I am very excited!!  Today I spent sometime with my sister. She is leaving Sunday to go to College. How is that even possible?!?! I am very very happy and excited for her but a little selfish because I won't get to see her as much anymore. But it is all for the best!! Now on the the rest of the family! :)

Baby #3: I am now 16 weeks, will be 17 on Saturday. Things have gotten better now that I am in my Second Trimester! :) We went Aug 10th for my second apt. When we went Adam kept asking where his baby was! It was too cute. lol The heart rate was in the 150's and I gained 1/2 lb. Last time the heart rate was 166 so it is slowing down! In total I have gained 1 1/2 lbs with this baby! YAY! Maybe I won't gain 80 lbs again!! I had the 1 hour glucose test and failed. So I went back yesterday for the 3 fun! I haven't heard back from it yet but I am hoping no news is good news! I have felt he/she kick and move a few times, I am more than ready to feel it all the time. We FINALLY agreed on names! We have had Kaylee Mae for a while now. She will be named after my wonderful Mom. Her middle name is Kay. Boy: Will be Bryce Andrew. His middle name is my dads middle name. Bryce is the ONLY boy name we could agree on! But I like it. In just a few weeks we will know which name it will be! :)

Mason: I cannot believe my Mason is going to be Two years old next Thursday!! Time has flown!! I am so happy he is growing up happy and smart tho. We are going on his birthday to Papas with our wonderful friends and neighbors. That Saturday we are going to have a family BBQ at our house. He is very excited but I think Adam is more excited haha. Mason is talking so well now. It shocks me just how well he is talking. He is talking in full sentences. So crazy! Every once in a while I still have nooo idea what he is trying to say. But he will say "Mommy, I want Juice Please." And he is very good at saying Thank You! He will not stop saying it until you say you are welcome. We moved him into a Toddler bed not to long ago, and he has done awesome! I was worried he would not like it because he does not like change! But he has done really well with it. Now him and Adam are sleeping in the same room again. It has been hard because when one wakes up the other wakes up. Adam wakes up often in the middle of the night to go Potty. But it will get better. :) My favorite thing Mason does is when his Daddy is leaving for work. He will run up to Matt and say Kiss, Bye Daddy I wove you!! Then will stand at the window and watch Matt leave. It is so sweet!! He has also become a parrot! Everything Adam says Mason says. It is too cute! lol I love that baby! :))

Adam: Oh Adam! He turned 3 and is showing it! He is still my sweet baby but can have an attitude. I am sure it is just as phase but if not we are working on getting him out of it! I always swore to myself I will NOT have bratty kids and I plan on sticking to that. But he is not always like that. His new obsession is Toy Story. We watch it at least once a day every day. He loves it. He is also doing sooo awesome on the potty. I am so proud of him. Sleeps in his "good boy" underwear and hasn't had an accident. "Knock on Wood"  Adam also amazes me on how smart he really is. He can now count to 16, we are working on writing and learning our letters. Almost have spelling his name down, and knows the difference between Big and Small or can line things up Biggest to Smallest. I watch him when he watches Dora or Mickey and he is good at answering the questions they ask! It is just amazing how smart he really is. Which he gets from his daddy! All he got from me is his personality! :) It is hard to believe he will be starting Pre-School this time next year! Time flies by soo fast. But I love every moment of it! :)))