Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Spring Break....

Well this was a crazy week! It all started out Saturday. Matt went camping with some of his buddies from College and Adam and I went to Fort Smith to see Aisha. Mason stayed with Nana and Aunt Kat. :) We all had a great weekend lots of fun!! Matt came back with an Awful sunburn tho! We were going to go to Branson on Tuesday for 3 days vacation....well that did not happen. Adam had a runny nose Friday which turned into a cough and trouble breathing Sunday/Monday. Monday night he went to be and slept til about 12 and woke up screaming! So I went in there and laid with him and he just kept sounding worse and about 5:30 Tuesday morning we decided to take him to the ER. Turns out he had an ashtma attack, and they wanted to keep him for 24 observation. His oxygen level was between 88%-92% it would not get above 92%. Normal levels are about 98-100% So I was so worried! This is the first time that any doctor has told me that he had Ashtma. I knew that he had breathing problems but they never said this is Ashtma so I had no idea what was going on was an ashtma attack. BUT they kept a close eye on him and let us go home Wednesday afternoon! :) Adam had all of the nurses wrapped around his finger! They LOVED him! haha And I am soo proud of him because he did so awesome! He did everything they asked of him and only fussed maybe once or twice! He was such a big boy and very brave. Even in the X-Ray he did awesome!!! I was a very proud Momma! But he is doing much better now! :)

But with all of this going on I soo missed my Mason! We got home Sunday afternoon from Fort Smith and I was sooo happy to see him!!! Then we took Adam to the hospital Tuesday morning so I didn't see him at all that day! It was hard to be away from him that long. I felt awful but Wednesday morning after we saw the doctor I rush to get him! He was a good boy for his Grandma too which makes me very happy!:) I took him to the hospital to see Bubba and Adam had just had a treatment which makes him very hyper. So we had to do our laps around the Hospital and Mason held Bubbas hand and walked! It was the sweetest thing EVER!! I am soo in love with these two boys! They are such sweet and good boys. I know I am a little bias but every nurse bragged about how well behaved and polite Adam was and when Mason came they were bragging about him too! It is a great feeling when someone tells you things like that! It lets you know that you have done your job as a Mom. I am a very proud Momma of two wonderful boys! It is hard to believe how fast they are growing up! Adam will be 3 years old in just 2 months and Mason is not far from turning 2! I am not ready for this! lol But I love being able to watch them grow, learn and figure out everything around them! Being a Mom is the greatest and most rewarding job in this world!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

All you need is love...

Adam has finally learned how to say I love you and I have to say that is one thing I will NEVER get tired of hearing! The first time he said it to me I broke into tears! That is something every Momma cannot wait to hear their child say. I say it to both of my boys every single day at least 5 times a day. Its something kids and everyone else need to everyday! I never want my boys to think that I do not love them I want them to know it!!!! I want them to know I would do anything for them because they are my babies no matter what. But to hear Adam say that just makes my day. Today I put Mason down for a nap and he told him Night Night I love you Ma Ma! It was soo sweet!! :)
I do not understand how someone can have a baby and not just fall in love. When I hear things about moms or parents doing something awful to their child I just think How could they?? How could you even think about hurting YOU child, the one that you carried for 9 months, the one that you made! The gift from God! It just amazes me and breaks my heart! Now given there are days that I want to just pull my hair out (like today) but I would NEVER EVER hurt my babies! I hate even having to spank them!
Love is very important and making sure the people you love know it is even more important! That is one thing that I want my boys to learn from me. When they get married and have children I want them to make sure to tell their family "I love you" everyday! If they grow up knowing how important Love and Family is then I will know that I have done part of my job! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Mason :)

Oh my Mason, my sweet cuddeling baby boy! :) I sometimes feel bad because I am always talking about Adam and what he has done and I sometimes feel like I make it look like Adam is more important that Mason. Which is not true at all!!! Adam being the first is still doing all firsts, Mason is doing things Adam has already done. Which I am still sooo excited when Mason learns something new but I cannot explain it...its just different. But it makes me feel like I am one of those moms who plays favorites even tho I do not mean to at all! Which I do not have a favorite, they are both different boys with different personalities. I guess I feel like if I explain it out I will even understand it. lol But anyways Mason is and was my difficult baby. He didn't sleep the first month we had him at night, would not breastfeed, threw up all the time, was always fussy and so on. He slept on my chest for the first two weeks of his life. That was the only way it was happening, even tho we only slept for 2 hours at a time. I didn't like breastmilk, he threw it up after he got done everytime! So that lasted about a month. He wasn't a bad baby just made everything 10x's harder than it should be. When we switched him to baby food all he would eat was fruits and if we gave him something different he would gag and throw it up.Matt had just moved to night shift and we were in a new place Again so I was trying to take care of Adam and a new born which was not easy. But now that Mason is older he is soo much fun and the past is the past. He still is a very picky eater, only eggs, grilled cheese, fruit, firies and chicken. There are a few others but not many that he will eat. He is funny, smart and adorable. Saturday night Adam went to be before him so we let him stay up with us. It was just Matt, Mason and I no TV or anything. It was so much fun...he was sitting in Matts lap with his juice and just out of no where he said "Choo choo, Woo Woo!" And even did the arm motion for a train! It was the cutes thing ever!!!! And he was soo proud of his self! Then he made the sound of a Monkey! haha We both laughed so hard! I know Big Brother has been teaching him! :) But it just made me think of how far we have all come because this time 2 years ago Adam was this age and we were still learning the whole Parent thing! Mason is now a Mommas boy (which I LOVE) He will want to lay on my chest and stuck his thumb and just love on me. It makes me feel soo amazing! I love him soooo much. He can always make me laugh or smile all he has to do is look at me with those big brown eyes and smile and my heart melts! I am not sure what I did to get such an amazing baby but I sure am glad I have him! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today I made the boys lunch gave it to them and then left the room for a second. When I came back Adam had not touched his food. When I asked him why he hadn't ate yet he said I Pray? He did not want to eat until we said the prayer. I could not believe he had waiting on me! :) This is something we have been working on with him and every night before dinner we say our dinner prayer. He always tries to do the sign of the cross and has came close! He bows his head and folds his hands and when we are done he says Amen! Mason is just now getting to where he bows his head. But today him doing this really made me a proud momma and brought tears to my eyes. It is moments like this that make you understand what being a Mom is all about and what a blessing it is to be able to have someone that calls you mom. But most importantly it makes you feel accomplished to know that you, that little boys mom, taught him how to pray. Prayer is such an importantly part of life, it is how you get through the day and it is how you have your one on one time with God. I have had my days where I have had doubt that God was there or even was listening to me. Those days are the hardest because all you want is for someone to listen to you. But God is always listening he just doesn't always say Yes to everything. God has other plans for you and what you want isn't what he had planned for you. But whenever I feel like God isn't listening or there, I just look at my boys and remember HE is the one who gave me the greatest Blessing of all....two little boys who call me Mom. I am a Mom, I am their Mom, no one else can Ever take my place and that is such an awesome feeling!!! I am not a perfect Mom but I DO try my best to make sure Adam and Mason are happy, healthy, clothed, and are learning new things everyday. I have been given the opportunity to be a Mom, something I have wanted to be every since I can remember, and I will wear that name Proudly and do the BEST that I can. God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with my two boys! Never underestimate the power of prayer.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Life

This is my first time blogging but I am very excited! For this first one I will tell about our life and the three boys in it! :)

Matt and Allison:

 We met my Freshman year of High School. He was in my 1st class, French, and sat across the room from me. I noticed him and I am very positive he noticed me...because he was staring at me (even tho he has only admitted that once!) It took about a week for him to talk to me. I will NEVER forget...after class one morning he ran up to me and asked me if I was going the Bearcat game that Friday. I told him I wasn't sure and he said that he thought it would be cool if I did so I could watch him! I could have peed my pants I was sooo excited!!! So I went to watch #57 on the Bearcat Football team! :) On Sept 4th, 2004 he asked me to be his girlfriend! I couldn't have been more happier!!! We talked on the phone every single night, saw each other almost every weekend but the kicker is we didn't ever leave the house. I was not allowed to go out until I was 16. So our first date was December 15th, 2005! My birthday present was my Promise Ring which was Beautiful and I still wear to this day. We had a long distance relationship for 3 years, he was off at college and I was here. It was very hard at times but we made it work, seeing each other every other weekend if the AGR didn't get in the way. Then on Sept 6th, 2007 I found out I was pregnant! Wow! That was a fun time....but Matt was amazing and stepped up and told me he was here for me and the baby and would never leave. From then it was a blur lol we got Married December 29th, 2007 and it was beautiful! I went to school and he was up in Fayetteville so for the first 4 months of Marriage we lived apart. When he came home for the summer I moved in with him at his Parents house. I graduated on May 16th and had Adam Rowland May 20th 2008. We moved to Farmington so Matt could finished his degree and I went from being a 18 year old high school student to a stay at home mom and wife away from a place I knew. It was rough but we made it. The in December we found out we were pregnant with #2! We moved back to Mena untl Matt got a job at Tyson Hog Farms. So we moved AGAIN to Lincoln, 30 mins outside Fayetteville. I had Mason Gilbert August 25th, 2009. Then we found out they were closing the farm so Matt again was out for a job. He got on with Tyson Chicken Plant in DeQueen and we moved again and now here we are! Our life has been crazy and fast but everyday I have with this man is a blessing. He is smart, hard working and a wonderful Husband and Dad. I would be lost without him and I am proud to say he is my High School Sweetheart and the love of my life!

Adam Rowland:
  My sweet boy Adam Rowland Hughes was born May 20th, 2008 at 7:45 pm 10lbs 4oz and 22 in long. He was named after Matts brother Adam and his middle name came from his GodFather Will. He was very unexpected, but such an amazing, wonderful unexpected blessing! I love this little boy with my whole heart and being a Mommy has been an amazing, rewarding experience! Adam is very smart, happy, playful, and has an awesome personality. He looks just like his daddy but has his mommas eyes and personality. He will be 3 in just 2 months and time sure has flown by...I get very emotional when I think about it. He is so smart, he knows all of his colors, all farm animals and what sound they make, he can count (something we are still working on) he has an amazing memory and knows his shapes. I could go on and on about this kid! He just amazes me everyday. He is such a great big brother and loves his little brother. They play and fight with each other but they are normal brothers. :) He is very dramatic, he can cry at the drop of a hat and then all of the sudden be laughing. He loves music, dancing and pretends to play the drums. He takes two pencils and bangs them together yelling "2, 4, 8, 10!" haha it is adorable! Basically I love this little guy with All of my heart and even tho I was young when I found out I was pregnant I am so happy God Blessed me with this little unexpected Blessing! :)

Mason Gilbert:

 This sweet amazing guy, Mason Gilbert Hughes, was born August 25th, 2009 9lbs 4oz and 21 in long. He was named after Me and Matt- Matt-MA
Allison- SON and Gilbert is Matts middle name, Matts grandfathers name and my moms grandfathers name. He was also unexpected but yet again God knew what he was doing! :) I never thought it was possible to love two boys at the same time but it is!! He stole my heart the moment I saw him. He looks just like his daddy too! That Hughes Gene is STRONG! haha He is funny, smart and very stubborn, also determined. This little guy fights for what he wants and does not give up! He is so sweet tho, very friendly...will go to just about anyone. haha and he LOVES his Papa! Mason loves his big brother, he follows him around and wants everything Adam wants. Anything Adam does Mason follows. It is the sweetest thing! Adam was my easy child but Mason was complete oppisite! I am finally figuring this kid out! :) He is starting to talk soo much! He can say Momma, Dadda, Bubba, Nana, Papa, NO! (fav. word!) Bath, Ball, Blue Clues and a few more. He is very smart too and he can always make me laugh and smile! I love him so very much!!!

Finally, I just want to say that God has truly blessed me with two amazing boys and one Unbelievely amazing Husband! On top of that we have a wonderful family my side and his! We are all very blessed and loved. I love my job as a Mom and Wife and I wouldn't change a thing about it! My life is my Boys all 3 of them and I am going to spend everyday making them happy. I couldnt have asked for a better husband and dad for my boys. He does everything he can to make us happy so the least I can do is make sure he is happy! I am not perfect and do not have a perfect life but this is close enough for me!