Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Spring Break....

Well this was a crazy week! It all started out Saturday. Matt went camping with some of his buddies from College and Adam and I went to Fort Smith to see Aisha. Mason stayed with Nana and Aunt Kat. :) We all had a great weekend lots of fun!! Matt came back with an Awful sunburn tho! We were going to go to Branson on Tuesday for 3 days vacation....well that did not happen. Adam had a runny nose Friday which turned into a cough and trouble breathing Sunday/Monday. Monday night he went to be and slept til about 12 and woke up screaming! So I went in there and laid with him and he just kept sounding worse and about 5:30 Tuesday morning we decided to take him to the ER. Turns out he had an ashtma attack, and they wanted to keep him for 24 observation. His oxygen level was between 88%-92% it would not get above 92%. Normal levels are about 98-100% So I was so worried! This is the first time that any doctor has told me that he had Ashtma. I knew that he had breathing problems but they never said this is Ashtma so I had no idea what was going on was an ashtma attack. BUT they kept a close eye on him and let us go home Wednesday afternoon! :) Adam had all of the nurses wrapped around his finger! They LOVED him! haha And I am soo proud of him because he did so awesome! He did everything they asked of him and only fussed maybe once or twice! He was such a big boy and very brave. Even in the X-Ray he did awesome!!! I was a very proud Momma! But he is doing much better now! :)

But with all of this going on I soo missed my Mason! We got home Sunday afternoon from Fort Smith and I was sooo happy to see him!!! Then we took Adam to the hospital Tuesday morning so I didn't see him at all that day! It was hard to be away from him that long. I felt awful but Wednesday morning after we saw the doctor I rush to get him! He was a good boy for his Grandma too which makes me very happy!:) I took him to the hospital to see Bubba and Adam had just had a treatment which makes him very hyper. So we had to do our laps around the Hospital and Mason held Bubbas hand and walked! It was the sweetest thing EVER!! I am soo in love with these two boys! They are such sweet and good boys. I know I am a little bias but every nurse bragged about how well behaved and polite Adam was and when Mason came they were bragging about him too! It is a great feeling when someone tells you things like that! It lets you know that you have done your job as a Mom. I am a very proud Momma of two wonderful boys! It is hard to believe how fast they are growing up! Adam will be 3 years old in just 2 months and Mason is not far from turning 2! I am not ready for this! lol But I love being able to watch them grow, learn and figure out everything around them! Being a Mom is the greatest and most rewarding job in this world!!!!

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