Thursday, March 17, 2011

All you need is love...

Adam has finally learned how to say I love you and I have to say that is one thing I will NEVER get tired of hearing! The first time he said it to me I broke into tears! That is something every Momma cannot wait to hear their child say. I say it to both of my boys every single day at least 5 times a day. Its something kids and everyone else need to everyday! I never want my boys to think that I do not love them I want them to know it!!!! I want them to know I would do anything for them because they are my babies no matter what. But to hear Adam say that just makes my day. Today I put Mason down for a nap and he told him Night Night I love you Ma Ma! It was soo sweet!! :)
I do not understand how someone can have a baby and not just fall in love. When I hear things about moms or parents doing something awful to their child I just think How could they?? How could you even think about hurting YOU child, the one that you carried for 9 months, the one that you made! The gift from God! It just amazes me and breaks my heart! Now given there are days that I want to just pull my hair out (like today) but I would NEVER EVER hurt my babies! I hate even having to spank them!
Love is very important and making sure the people you love know it is even more important! That is one thing that I want my boys to learn from me. When they get married and have children I want them to make sure to tell their family "I love you" everyday! If they grow up knowing how important Love and Family is then I will know that I have done part of my job! :)

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